Note that the venue of Doctoral Consortium on 9th June is at A405, College of Economics and Management (CEM), Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) (Jiangning Campus) —A405, CEM, NUAA; the venue of Parallel Sessions from 10th to 12th June is at Marriott Nanjing South Hotel; and the venue of Closing Ceremony on 13th June is at A305, CEM, NUAA (Jiangning Campus).

Programme Overview

Parallel Sessions

June 10 13:30-15:30 Parallel Session 1 (Function Room 2, Zijinshan) Chairs: Marc Kilgour and Liping Fang Conflict Resolution I Analyzing Conflicts of Implementing High-speed Railway Project in Central Asia Using Graph Model Shawei He, Ekaterina Flegentova and Bing Zhu
Strategic Analysis on the Fourth Party Logistics Development Conflict Hanbin Kuang and Min Huang
A Fresh Perspective on the Conflict between Autonomous Vehicles and Humans Yasser Matbouli
Representative Decision-making and the Propensity to Use Round and Sharp Numbers in Preference Specification Gregory E. Kersten, Ewa Roszkowska and Tomasz Wachowicz
On the Impact of the Negotiators’ Culture, Background, and Instructions on the Representative Negotiation Process and Outcomes Tomasz Wachowicz, Gregory E. Kersten and Ewa Roszkowska
Parallel Session 2 (Function Room 4, Jiangjunshan) Chairs: Peide Liu and Xuemei Li Economic Evaluation and Decision under the Belt and Road Policy The Multi-attribute Group Decision Making Method based on the Interval Grey Trapezoid Fuzzy Linguistic Variables Aggregation Operators Kedong Yin, Pengyu Wang and Xuemei Li
Multiple Attribute Group Decision-making Methods based on Interval Grey Triangular Fuzzy Numbers Partitioned Bonferroni Mean Kedong Yin, Benshuo Yang and Xuemei Li
Research on Capital Allocation Efficiency of New Energy Vehicle Industry in China based on SLM Model Qiong Wang, Cheng-Xuan Geng, Hai-Tao E and Hai-Rong Wang
Strategic Negotiation for Resolving Infrastructure Development Disputes in One Belt One Road Initiative Waqas Ahmed, Qingmei Tan and Sharafat Ali
Ranking Products through Online Ratings: A Method based on Outranking Model and Probabilistic Linguistic Information Peide Liu and Fei Teng
Parallel Session 3 (Function Room 5, Jiuhuashan) Chairs: Zaiwu Gong and Zhen Zhang Consensus Process Decision Making I Best Worst Method (BWM) in Group Decision Making with Granular Computing Jindong Qin and Witold Pedrycz
Priority Modelling of Group Intuitionistic Fuzzy Preference Relation Obeying Uncertainty Normal Distribution Lihong Wang and Zaiwu Gong
A Linguistic Computational Model based on Discrete Fuzzy Numbers for Multistep Decision-making Mei Cai, Xinwang Liu and Zaiwu Gong
Consensus-based Aggregation for Multi-Granular Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Sets Zhen Zhang, Junliang Gao and Wenyu Yu
Design of Online Examination System with Statistical Module Using UML Tianxiang Chen, Huimin Zhang, Wu Xie and Lingli Liang
Parallel Session 4 (Function Room 6, Qingliangshan) Chairs: Huimin Wang and Dongying Sun Water Resources Management and Cooperation I Collaborative Negotiation for Managing Water Resources Conflicts in Brazil Marcella Maia Urtiga and Danielle Costa Morais
Research on Spatial Pattern and Spatial Effect of Agricultural Water Global Technology Efficiency in China Jinping Tong, Jie Chen, Lulu Zhao and Jianfeng Ma
Study on the Effectiveness of Land, Population and Economy on the Lexicographic Minimax Approach to Optimal Allocation of Water Footprints Gang Liu and Fan Hu
Water Resources Conflict Modelling and Analysis Jing Yu
The Study on Water Resources Security and Management Decision in China Considering the Degree of Bodies’ Satisfaction Yu Chu and Hongyan Li
15:40-17:40 Parallel Session 1 (Function Room 2, Zijinshan) Chairs: Marc Kilgour and Liping Fang Collaborative Group Decision I A Game Theoretic Model for Regulating the Transportation of Hazardous Materials Ginger Y. Ke, Huiwen Zhang and James H. Bookbinder
Capturing the Participants’ Voice: Using Causal Mapping Supported by Group Decision Software to Enhance Procedural Justice Parmjit Kaur and Ashley Carreras
Team Positions in Negotiation William Baber and Peter Kesting
A Note on Interpretive Structural Modeling Jing Li and Hong Fu
The Activation Effects of Urban Public Space on the Discussions: Focusing on the University Students Discussing Community Issues Hiroyuki Sakakibara, Kenta Nishimoto, Takeshi Kobayashi, Junhwan Song and Shinji Ikaruga
Parallel Session 2 (Function Room 3, Niushoushan) Chairs: Leandro C. Rêgo and Zhibin Wu Consensus Process Decision Making II Some Results on Consensus in Uncertain Opinion Dynamics at a Social Network Min Zhan, Zhaogang Ding and Yucheng Dong
Managing Non-cooperative Behaviors in Large-scale Group Decision Making Sihai Zhao, Hengjie Zhang and Yucheng Dong
The Iran Nuclear Dispute - An Analysis in Graph Form Tobias Langenegger
Berge Stabilities in the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution Giannini I. A. Vieira and Leandro C. Rêgo
You Have Excellent Leadership Skills! The Role of Positive Feedback in Women’s and Men’s Willingness to Lead Alain Hong, Per van der Wijst and Juliette Schaafsma
Parallel Session 3 (Function Room 4, Jiangjunshan) Chairs: Adiel Teixeira de Almeida and Masahide Horita Preference Modeling for Group Decision and Negotiation I A Note on Impartial Nomination Rules When Voters Are Personally Related to Some Candidates Takahiro Suzuki and Masahide Horita
Procedural Choice from a Menu of Concave Scoring Rules Takahiro Suzuki and Masahide Horita
Preference Modeling for Multi-criteria Group Decision Making/Aiding with Partial Information Adiel Teixeira de Almeida
FITradeoff Method for the Location of Healthcare Facilities based on Multiple Stakeholders’ Preferences Marta Dell’ovo, Eduarda Frej, Alessandra Oppio, Stefano Capolongo, Danielle Morais and Adiel de Almeida
Evolutionary Cooperation of Informal Financial Institutions (Hehui) in China: From Direct to Indirect Reciprocity Sijia Zhao and Masahide Horita
Parallel Session 4 (Function Room 5, Jiuhuashan) Chairs: Xuemei Li and Zhongyuan Hao Fuzz Group Decision Making and Cooperative Game Theory I Geometric Measurement of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets and Application based on λ-cuts Ying Peng, Junjun Mao, Tao Wu and Xiaorui Wu
A Novel Method for Solving Multi-attribute Decision Making by Using Expected Value under Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Environment Kongchun Mei, Fengxiao Zhang, Junjun Mao and Tao Wu
Technological Innovative Capabilities Index: Toward an Innovative Capabilities Audit Framework Chiung-Shu Cheng, Chi-Hui Wu, Jing Li and Ching-Torng Lin
Bargaining-based Cooperation Strategies of Main Manufacturer and Supplier under Manufacturers Competition Jinhua Zhou, Jianjun Zhu and Hehua Wang
Parallel Session 5 (Function Room 6, Qingliangshan) Chairs: Huimin Wang and Dongying Sun Water Resources Management and Cooperation II Research on the Efficience of Water-Energy-Food System Coupling and Coornination in Yangtze River Economic Belt Under the Constrained Environment Yanling Zhi and Junfei Chen
Analysis of Food Industry Security and Mode Reconstruction based on Cloud Model Shiliang Yang
Decision-making of Regional Flood Risk Based on Community Sun Dianchen
Assessment of Regional Water Poverty in China Using Competitive Evaluation Model Combined with Principal Component Analysis Dongying Sun, Xinbo Liu and Jingwen She
Evaluation of Water Use Efficiency and Influence Factors for Jing-Jin-Ji Urban Agglomeration under Resource Constraints Dongying Sun, Hengheng Chen and Lingyan Liu
June 11 08:00-10:00 Parallel Session 1 (Function Room 2, Zijinshan) Chairs: Adiel Teixeira de Almeida and Ginger Y. Ke Fuzz Group Decision Making and Cooperative Game Theory II Neuroscience Experiment for Graphical Visualization in the FITradeoff Decision Support System Lucia Reis Peixoto Roselli, Eduarda Asfora Frej and Adiel Teixeira De Almeida
Autocratic Decision-making based on Multi-granular Unbalanced Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Information Zhang-Peng Tian, Kai-Wen Shen, Jian-Qiang Wang and Su-Min Yu
Research on Green Logistics of Agricultural Products based on Carbon Footprint Wu Sheng, Zhao Xianglian and Wu Liangpeng
Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Group Decision Making with Borda Rule Xiaomei Mi and Huchang Liao
System Portfolio Selection under Hesitant Fuzzy Information Zhexuan Zhou, Xiangqian Xu, Yajie Dou, Yuejin Tan and Jiang Jiang
Parallel Session 2 (Function Room 3, Niushoushan) Chairs: Keith Hipel, Marc Kilgour, Liping Fang and Jing Yu Conflict Resolution II Maximin Stability in the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution Leandro C. Rêgo and Giannini I. A. Vieira
Option Prioritization for Multiple-level Preference in the Graph Model Jing Yu
Attitudinal Analysis of Russia-turkey Conflict with Chinese Role as a Third-Party Intervention Sharafat Ali, Haiyan Xu, Peng Xu and Michelle Theodora
Conflict Resolution in Business Competition:A Case of Large Chinese Overseas Companies Yuqing Dong, Linlin Su, Shixuan Fu and Xusen Cheng
Readiness for Family Dispute Resolution - An Examination of How Education Helps Prepare Disputing Parents to Negotiate Their Conflicts Nussen Ainsworth, Lisa Zeleznikow and John Zeleznikow
Parallel Session 3 (Function Room 4, Jiangjunshan) Chairs: Ling Zhang and Bingfeng Ge Complex Systems and Decision Analysis I Game of Cross-regional Water Resource Allocation based on Production Function Huang Ying-Yi and Qiu Lei
Behavioral Modeling of Adversaries in Confrontation based on Prospect Theory Ziyi Chen, Chunqi Wan, Bingfeng Ge, Yajie Dou and Yuejin Tan
The Quality Transaction Mechanism of Complex Product Supply Chain and Its Equilibrium Concerning Economic Profit and Quality Reputation Shuang Wu and Yuan Liu
A New Composite Risk Index Built Method: Interactive Concentration Evaluation Priority Organization Ling Zhang, Lei Wang, Yao Liu and Fandi Wang
German Coalition Forming Negotiations of 2013 - An Explorative Analysis Ali Hotait and Anika Wille
Parallel Session 4 (Function Room 5, Jiuhuashan) Chairs: Pascale Zaraté and Nipat Jongsawat Collaborative Group Decision II Idea Selection in Open Innovation Platforms: A Shared Information Bias Perspective Shixuan Fu, Xusen Cheng and Gert-Jan de Vreede
An Improved Method of Group Argumentation Consensus Analysis based on Grey Relational Clustering Theory Xu Chenglei and Zhao Chenfang
Inter-organisational Collaboration in Regional Alignment: The Case of the Pacific Alliance Larry Crump
Robust Optimization of Regional Water Resources Management under Uncertain Conditions in Taihu Lake Basin Zhiping Song, Zhaohan Sheng and Feng Xu
Bayesian Modeling, Inference and Prediction: A Case of Wongnai Restaurant Review Website Nipat Jongsawat
Parallel Session 5 (Function Room 6, Qingliangshan) Chairs: Ben Chan and Jian Chen Others System Lifetime Distribution under Gumbel Copulas Ping Shing Chan
Optimistic Overconfidence in Bidding Behavior with Differently Represented Cost Feedback in ERA's Ayşegül Engin and Rudolf Vetschera
An Integrated Decision Problem for Yard Management Xinjia Jiang
Research on Preference Selection of Application for Artificial Intelligence - A Trilateral Game of Government, Producers, and Consumers Hui Juan and Tan Qingmei
Uncertainty Avoidance and E-Trust Institutional Mechanisms: Understanding Cross-cultural Customer Purchasing Decisions in the UK and Jordanian Online Markets Amer Al Shishany
10:10-12:10 Parallel Session 1 (Function Room 2, Zijinshan) Chairs: Rudolf Vetschera and Adiel Teixeira de Almeida Complex Systems and Decision Analysis II A Prospect Theory based Counterterrorism Resource Allocation Model with Multiple Attributes Xiaoxiong Zhang, Bingfeng Ge, Boyuan Xia and Yuejin Tan
Implementation of Self-Finance Theorem on Transport Policy Dilemmas based on Chinese Expressway Case Kai Xu, Yu Maemura and Kazumasa Ozawa
Negotiating Human Life: New perspectives on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Evelyne Tauchnitz
Designing Collaboration Process for Different Tasks: A Comparison of Shared Understanding and Idea Creation Qisheng Zhu, Xusen Cheng, Tingting Hou and Shixuan Fu
A Multistage Risk Decision Making Method for Normal Cloud Model Considering Three Reference Points Wen Song and Jianjun Zhu
Parallel Session 2 (Function Room 3, Niushoushan) Chairs: Keith Hipel, Marc Kilgour and Liping Fang Conflict Resolution III Using Dempster-shafer Theory and AHP to Support a Graph Model of a Regulatory Conflict Maisa Mendonça Silva, Keith W. Hipel, Marc Kilgour and Ana Paula Cabral Seixas Costa
Third Party Interventions for the Conflict between Hospital and Patient based on Option Prioritization Zhenggao Wu and Haiyan Xu
Constructing an Evaluation Model for Food Safety Supervision Junqi Zhu and Baosheng Fei
Stackelberg Stability in the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution: Definition and Implementation Haiyan Xu, Guixian Liu, D. Marc Kilgour and Keith W. Hipel
Research on the Conflict of Baosteel’s Strategic Procurement of Supply Chain under the Perspective of Power Imbalance Hong-Zhuan Chen, Qiu Yang, Jingai Wu and Qiaoke Zhang
Parallel Session 3 (Function Room 4, Jiangjunshan) Chairs: Naiming Xie and Huimin Liu Group Decision Making in Mega Infrastructure Project I Robust Decision Analysis of Mega Projects - A Case Study of Shipping Decision of the Three Gorges Dam Project Xi Wang, Mengyuan Ma and Feng Xu
A Multi-task Incentive Model between Insurance Companies and Supervisor Based on Principal - Agent/td> Miao Fang, Jianbo Zhu, Qianqian Shi and Zhaohan Sheng
Measurement Models of Construction Dividend of Megaprojects- A Case Study of Guangle Expressway Construction Fangyi Zhang and Shuping Cheng
A Strategic Analysis of Success Factors of PPP; Implications from Cases in Railway Projects Takahisa Yamamoto and Masahide Horita
Parallel Session 4 (Function Room 5, Jiuhuashan) Chairs: Mingming Leng and Giner Y. Ke Game Theoretical Applications in Supply Chain and Logistic Management Optimizing the Emergency Logistics for the Offsite Hazardous Waste Management based on Game Theory Jiahong Zhao and Ginger Ke
On the Grey Matrix Game of the Supply Chain of Fresh Agricultural Products - A Study based on Punishment Mechanism Qiuyu Zhang, Xinyu Ma and Qing Zhang
Supply Chain Analysis in the Presence of Quality-dependent Customer Reviews Mingming Leng
Extended PROMETHEE Method for Multi-criteria Group Decision-making with Probability Multi-valued Neutrosophic Fuzzy Information Peide Liu, Shufeng Cheng and Yuming Zhang
Linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Hamy Mean Operators Peide Liu and Xiaoxiao Liu
Parallel Session 5 (Function Room 6, Qingliangshan) Chairs: Jian Wu and Zhibin Wu Consensus Process Decision Making III Two Integer Programming Models to Manage Consensus for Interval MAGDM Problems Zhibin Wu, Bingmin Jing, Xieyu Yang and Jie Xiao
 An Attitude based Consensus for Group Decision Making in Social Network Jian Wu
  Consensus Reaching with an Established Goal in Social Network DeGroot Model Xia Chen, Zhaogang Ding and Yucheng Dong
A Novel Consensus Reaching Process with Consideration Opinion Evolution Quanbo Zha and Yucheng Dong
Comparative Study of Local and National Newspapers: A Case Study of the Reconstruction in Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake Madoka Chosokabe, Maiko Sakamoto and Keishi Tanimoto
Parallel Session 6 (Function Room 7, Meihuashan) Chairs: Melvin Shakun and Katia Sycara Values Technology and Problem Solving Workshop Values and Technology - Autonomous Robots in Society  Katia Sycara
Values and Technology - Trust in Automation Across Cultures Michael Lewis
Values and Technology - The Connectedness Decision Paradigm Approach Melvin Shakun
June 12 13:30-15:30 Parallel Session 1 (Function Room 2, Zijinshan) Chairs: Kevin Li and Rudolf Vetschera Negotiation Support Systems and Studies Impact of Negotiators’ Predispositions on Their Efforts and Outcomes in Bilateral Online Negotiations Bo Yu and Gregory E. Kersten
Zeuthen Hicks Bargaining in Electronic Negotiations - An Empirical Analysis Rudolf Vetschera
The Consensus and Dissent Behavior of Decision Makers in the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution Haiyan Xu, Jinshuai Zhao, Sharafat Ali
Buyer’s Strategies in Procurement Auctions and Negotiations: An Information Lens Shikui Wu, Gregory E. Kersten and Kevin Li
Parallel Session 2 (Function Room 3, Niushoushan) Chairs: Tomasz Wachowicz and Tomasz Szapiro Preference Modeling for Group Decision and Negotiation II What Impacts a Choice of Decision Support Method in Multiple Criteria Decision Making Problem? Tomasz Wachowicz, Ewa Roszkowska and Marzena Filipowicz-Chomko
What Pre-negotiation Factors Influence Sellers’ First Oral Price Announcements in Asking Price Framed Negotiations? Liuyao Chai and Colin Clark
On Tacit Knowledge Impacted Negotiation Compromises Tomasz Szapiro
A Two-stage SMAA-DEA Model for Supply Chain Evaluation and Rank Sheng Ang, Yunxia Zhu and Feng Yang
Parallel Session 3 (Function Room 4, Jiangjunshan) Chairs: Huimin Liu and Feng Xu Group Decision Making in Mega Infrastructure Project II Theory and Methods of System Integration of Mega-project Qiang Mai
Grasping Institutional Complexity in Infrastructure Mega-projects through the Multi-level Governance System: A Case Study of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Construction Yi Hu
Study on Corruption Network of Decision-Making in Mega Projects from the Perspectives of Relationship and Value Bing Zhang
CEO Narcissism, Public Concern, and Megaproject Social Responsibility Han Lin
Scenarios Robust Decision Making for Ecological Restoration Project of Water Environment in Lake Taihu Basin Feng Xu
Parallel Session 4 (Function Room 5, Jiuhuashan) Chairs: Rustam Vahidov Agent Technologies The Effects of Photographic Images on Agent to Human Negotiations: The Case of the Sicilian Clan Rustam Vahidov
Systematic Computational Comparison of Automated Negotiation Protocols and Strategies Michael Filzmoser
Multiple Criteria Sorting: A Regularization Framework Jiapeng Liu and Xiuwu Liao
Parallel Session 5 (Function Room 6, Qingliangshan) Chairs: Keith Hipel, Marc Kilgour and Liping Fang Conflict Resolution IV Combining Preference Elicitation and Value-focused Thinking in a Participatory Decision Support System for Environmental Decision-making Simone Philpot, Peter Johnson and Keith Hipel
Solid Waste Incineration Conflict in Beijing, China Jing Ma, Keith Hipel, Lian Zhao and Jun Cai
Assessing the Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions Bader Sabtan, Marc Kilgour and Keith Hipel
Negotiation over Cooperative Solutions for Water Demand Management Yi Xiao, Liping Fang and Keith Hipel
15:40-17:40 Parallel Session 1 (Function Room 2, Zijinshan) Chairs: Xuewei Yang and Zhongyuan Hao Financial Investment Decision and Risk Management Winners, Losers, and Regulators in a Nascent Derivatives Market: Evidence from Chinese Brokerage Data Xindan Li, Avanidhar Subrahmanyam and Xuewei Yang
Forecasting Security's Volatility Using Low-frequency and High-frequency Historical Data and Option-implied Information Huiling Yuan, Yong Zhou, Zhiyuan Zhang and Xiangyu Cui
Coopetition in the Arctic: Theory and Experiments Nikolay Korgin and Stein Østbye
Parallel Session 2 (Function Room 3, Niushoushan) Chairs: Bingfeng Ge and Fei Wu Complex Systems and Decision Analysis III A Novel Research for System of Systems Modeling and Robust Optimization Under Uncertainty Xia Boyuan, Yang Kewei, Dou Yajie and Zhang Xiaoxiong
Research on Identifying Key Nodes of Weapon System-of-Systems based on Heterogeneous Network Danling Zhao, Jichao Li, Yuejin Tan, Kewei Yang, Yajie Dou and Zhiwei Yang
A System Dynamics Model of Antisubmarine Warfare Activity based on Operation Loop Maosen Qin, Danling Zhao, Yajie Dou, Zhiwei Yang and Kewei Yang
Optimization Model Analysis for Emergency Medical Rescue System Xiangqian Xu, Zhexuan Zhou, Yajie Dou, Tianjun Liao and Yuejin Tan
Parallel Session 3 (Function Room 4, Jiangjunshan) Chairs: Yi-Hsin Lin and Shuping Cheng Group Decision Making in Mega Infrastructure Project III Follow-up Audit of Mega Projects - A Case Study of Guangle Expressway Project Shuping Cheng
Coupling Resource Allocation and Project Scheduling Considering Resource Scarcity Sha Tao
Profit Distribution Decision-making Between Suppliers in Mega Project Qianqian Shi, Jianbo Zhu and Zhaohan Sheng
An Improved DB Mode for the Complex Integrity in Mega-infrastructure Projects Yumin Qiu and Zhaohan Sheng
Financing Decision Model for Toll Roads: Balance between Economic Attribute and Public Attribute Xue Yan and Zhaohan Sheng
Parallel Session 4 (Function Room 5, Jiuhuashan) Chairs: Tomasz Wachowicz and Yong Liu Preference Modeling for Group Decision and Negotiation III A Multi-stakeholder Approach for Energy Transition Policy Formation in Jordan Mats Danielson, Love Ekenberg and Nadejda Komendatova
Optimal Sequence for a Firm's Price Negotiations with Its Upstream and Downstream Partners in a Multi-Echelon Supply Chain Feimin Zhong, Zhongbao Zhou and Mingming Leng
How Reliable Is the Symmetric Negotiation Support based on Holistically Defined Preference Systems? Tomasz Wachowicz and Ewa Roszkowska
A Novel Consensus Decision-making Approach by Emoploying Grey Incidence Analysis and Group Negotiation Yong Liu, Jiao Li, Junliang Du, Yuhong Wang and Wuyong Qian
Parallel Session 5 (Function Room 6, Qingliangshan) Chairs: Keith Hipel, Marc Kilgour and Liping Fang Conflict Resolution V A Measure for Option Effectiveness in the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution Taha Alhindi, Keith Hipel and Marc Kilgour
Strategic Investigation of the 2015 Syrian Refugee Crisis Yasir M. Aljefri, Muneer Alattas, Oday Zaitooni, Abdullah Niazy, Liping Fang and Keith W. Hipel
The 2017 Conflict among Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan over the Construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Yasir M Aljefri, Abdulrahman Alqurashi, Hashim Alsharif, Ahmed Alahdal, Keith W. Hipel and Liping Fang
Three Definitions of Coalition Stability in the Graph Model Ziming Zhu, Marc Kilgour and Keith W. Hipel